Working With Those Whose Voices Are Quietest


‘Friday Club’ is one of our longest standing activities that has supported adults with disabilities and poor mental health since 2010. 

At the heart of Friday Club is social inclusion and ownership.  All practitioners are trained in a wide range of wellbeing techniques designed to reduce stress through creative learning.  The work is people-centred and member-led.  For example; participants choose the plays and projects, workshops, the ideas and devise the productions, whilst in art they design and build the set and contribute toward the artistic side of the marketing. Each participant has both individual and collective targets which span both social and artistic aspiration.

Friday Club works in collaboration with community partners of The Arc and Prospero Theatre, for example:

  • Include Choir attend our shows and lead a singing and signing session at the after show parties

  • Elizabeth Court help to make the props and then come to see them being used in the show. 

  • Sunnydown and Hillcroft Schools take part in the performances providing young actors for the ensemble roles

  • Bletchingley Skill Centre and The Orphenus Centre provide practical skills training for our members, take part in workshops and attend our shows.

The benefits of being a member are: 

  • Meeting people, building friendship groups and forming support initiatives 

  • Building skills, achieving potential through creative learning 

  • Feeling empowered and confident 

  • Developing an interest in the community 

  • Feeling part of something worthwhile

  • Feeling less anxious, more positive and motivated 

The big show in the Friday Club calendar comes at Christmas and is attended by many senior community leaders including the The Chairman of Tandridge District Council, numerous local District and Parish councillors and many local charity directors and business managers.  

Friday Club runs 48 weeks a year “Fridays” 9.30am-3.00pm

Sessions start with morning coffee, or hot or cold beverage to choice.  Drama (with a 20 minute refreshment break) continues until lunchtime.   Members choose their lunch from the Arc menu and enjoy a social hour where we celebrate birthdays or any other of the previous weeks events. The afternoon session is centred around arts which concludes at 3pm.   

Contact Beth Wood via email for more information bethwood@prosperotheatre.com 

Or boxoffice@the-arc-caterham.co.uk or 01883 330380


Run in partnership with Prospero Theatre, we are so pleased to launch After Hours Club which is a Zoom session every Friday 4pm-5pm. Sessions are focused on promoting creativity and wellbeing and have numerous benefits for adults with disabilities or mental health needs -  although everyone is welcome and will enjoy.

You can join zoom sessions remotely or at The Arc on one of our fabulous laptops funded by a National Lottery grant.  

Contact details - margot@prosperotheatre.net or boxoffice@the-arc-caterham.co.uk or call us on 01883 330380



Every child loves soft play activities, running around, going down slides, building giant size bricks etc etc.  

Unfortunately, for vulnerable and special-needs children these activities aren’t something that they can generally enjoy.

Here at the Arc we have dedicated special-needs  play sessions. These sessions are specially adapted so that vulnerable children can enjoy them. We turn down the lighting and turn off the music and we only allow a limited number of families in at any one time. This provides a relaxed environment reducing the anxieties of many of these young children and the parents/carers and allows them to enjoy Soft Play the same as other children would. In addition to the children’s play it provides valuable networking opportunities for parents.

Every session is run by our dedicated and trained volunteer Anna. Anna is an experienced specialist with vulnerable children and has given over 10  years services to The Arc enabling these soft play session to be possible.   

The children that visit us have a special friendship with Anna as she understands their needs whether it be a coffee or hot chocolate and/or a chat or to be left alone.  The time and experience Anna has given us is invaluable to The Arc our our visitors alike. 

Our Special Needs Soft Play sessions are on Mondays 17.30 - 18.30. We have them every week in term time and most weeks during the holidays (check with us for details).

Admission Prices

Primary Child £6.50

Additional Siblings £2.00

Parents/Carers Free

Exclusive Special Needs Soft Play Parties

We welcome special needs Soft Play parties on Thursday evenings 17.30-19.30, subject to availability.

Parties are subject to minimum of 15 guests @ £16 per head.

Thursdays Soft Play parties benefit from the amazing PizzArc varieties. Each guest can choose whichever pizza they like from the PizzArc menu included within the party deal.  Parents are able to order anything in addition from the menu, sides/starters or additional pizzas to eat whilst the kids play. Should any guests not want to eat Pizza we will try to provide an alternative... failing this the guest can bring their own meal to meet their medical requirements.

For all special needs Soft Play activities please contact The Arc by email boxoffice@the-arc-caterham.co.uk or call us on 01883 330380



The Arc has welcomed work experience students from Clifton Hill School, Caterham, Woodfield School, Merstham, The Orphenus Centre, Bletchingley and Sunnydown School, Caterham since The Arc opened. 

The students from these special needs schools / centres  have a valuable role and their contribution is essential to the day to day running of The Arc. 

Students are given  tasks each week which they take ownership of and not only complete perfectly but the pride in their work is so commendable.

We understand that for a pupil from these organisations there are barriers. The social interaction skills they all struggle with, restrict them with many work placements. Our students are keen to join The Arc team each week and we are so grateful for their attendance and commitment. The students learn basic work skills at their own pace and get so much work satisfaction it's humbling.  But more importantly, we are able to integrate these amazing students into our work team and introduce them to our customers, which is a complete privilege. 


Nearly every day we get a class from Clifton Hill joining us for their snack break.   We have named these sessions affectionately as  ‘Pound Club’ ...   This is because the students come to us to practice purchasing drinks and snacks - price always £1.00.

The students primarily come to The Arc to gain social customer skills and experience but in addition we welcome the students and take joy in integrating them into the community at The Arc.  

The Arc team gets a lot of satisfaction out of these daily visits.   The smiles on the students faces when they can choose their own drink and snack is beautiful. In turn, The Arc team has learnt some signing skills... thank you, choosing, no. Limited but we all get joy from thanking the students in sign after their purchase. 


We have a nine person sensory space. Please enquire about usage.


Caleidoscope CIC is a not for profit community organisation  supporting families with autistic children. They offer individual support, training for parents and professionals as well as inclusive classes for children such as Art and Lego. Caleidoscope offer professionalism in a relaxed, non judgmental environment and their mission is to break the stigma of autism, raise awareness and promote social inclusion.

1.  LEGO 4 Autism - 7 week social developmental programme for autistic children that addresses issues of social interaction and communication deficiencies. There are prizes, certificates and lots of fun!. Every Tuesday 5pm - booking essential. £70 per term
2. Emotions and Me - 7 week programme for autistic children 9+ helping them understand their emotions, naming them and having strategies to deal with them. We will explore different emotions, particularly anger and various situations that make us feel angry. There is an element of mindfulness in this programme. 
Every Thursday 5pm - booking essential. £40 per term. 3 FREE spaces available.

3. Explore through Senses- programme for young children - pre-schoolers who struggle with concentration, attention and social interaction. It is based on Attention Autism approach and Sensory Integration. 
Every last Saturday of the month - 10:15-11:30 am. £5 per family, FREE spaces available. 

4. Mindful Art - a well being programme for any children older than 4 who struggle to express themselves. manage their stress and anxiety. Every week we use different media.  
Every second Saturday 10-11:30 am- £5 per family, FREE spaces available

Contact ola@caleidoscope.org.uk for booking spaces and FREE places.