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The Sensory Room

Partially funded by the Tesco's Bags of Help scheme, our sensory room was built in 2021 and features an array of sensory equipment to make soft play accessible to everyone. With bubble tubes and fibre optics this is a safe calm space that can help those with learning difficulties, developmental difficulties or impairments engage their senses and build up their confidence.

Sensory Room access is during special needs soft play,

held on a Monday 15:00 - 19:00

OR Wednesday mornings from 9:30 - 12:30


Call 01883 330 380 to book your Wednesday morning session.

Inside the Sensory Room

The sensory room is a cozy space near the far corner of the soft play hall.

It is softly lighten, with a projector in the corner projecting slow moving, warm colors onto the opposing wall. There is a bubble tube in one corner next to a light square that creates a mirror illusion inside itself.

With touch pads and and other toys to play with, the sensory area is a perfect addition to our soft play, allowing us to be fully inclusive to everyone in our community.

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