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Caterham Barracks Community Trust

'Helping at the heart of the Community'

Charity number: 1089853
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About CBCT 

The trust was setup by a collaboration between the developer of the Barracks site, Linden Homes, and Tandridge District Council to provide the community of Caterham and particularly those in need with facilities and capacity for development.

In 1998 the Caterham Barracks was converted into a modern urban village, after being sold by the MOD. The Trust has overseen the development  of 3 major buildings that house facilities that the local area did not have at that time: a nursery (the NAAGI), an ,an arts and recreation centre (the arc) and an enterprise centre (the oicer's mess) that focusses on being a  supportive hub for start-ups and small and medium size businesses

New Road Sign Unveiling Event

Sunday 31st July

On Sunday 31st July 2022, the Village Association at Caterham Barracks had an unveiling ceremony at the arc to celebrate some of the soldiers who served at the Caterham Barracks and whose names are recorded on the roads.

With help from CBCT and road sponsors an addition to the the existing Barracks Exhibition at the arc has been made featuring information about the first four road names.
 In total there will be 15 road names on display in the arc but it will develop over the next few months and will coincide (we hope) with the production of a ‘person oriented’ walking tour which tells the story of some of the people who went to war from Caterham.

The video below shows how the Local Community came together for this amazing event.

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