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Lentil Shepherd's Pie

Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 70 mins

Serves up to 5


2 tablespoon of mixed herbs

2 tablespoon of oil (olive or vegetable)

2 tablespoons tomato puree

Salt and Pepper to taste

2 teaspoon of garlic paste or 3 cloves of garlic

2 medium red onions

2 big carrots

4 sticks of celery

1 pepper (optional)

500g Red Split Lentils

1 x 400g Chopped Tomatoes

1kg of Sweet Potatoes


Chop onion and garlic if using fresh

Chop carrot, celery and the pepper if using

Peel and chop the Sweet Potatoes

Add the oil to a deep pot on a low heat

Add the onion, the garlic and salt to the hot oil

Once the onion has softened add the carrot, celery, pepper,

the tomato puree and chopped tomatoes


Add the lentils, mixed herbs and salt & pepper

STIR and cover the mix with water

Leave to simmer for 30 minutes

Put your sweet potatoes in a pan with salted boiling water and boil for 20 minutes until soft.

Preheat the oven to 180°

Drain the potatoes and add oil, salt and pepper to the pot, Mash till smooth

Transfer the cooked lentils into a deep oven dish and top with the mash, use a fork to make peaks on top

of the potatoes for some crispy edges

Season the top with salt and pepper

Pop in the oven for 30 minutes

Serve and Enjoy!

Max Price £4.40

This dish can be served up with greens

Feel free to switch out any of the veg If using peas add into the lentil mix in the final 10 mins of cooking 
If switching sweet potatoes for normal boil for a 10-15 mins longer

Add bacon or chorizo for a bit of a meatier meal


Lentil Shepherd's Pie
Lentil Shepherd's Pie
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